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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Special Little Moment

Hey there!

So it has been a white since I have posted anything, two weeks to be exact! Is it just me or is time absolutely flying?! Sorry that it has been a white since I have posted anything, unfortunately I have been tied down with University work which has been keeping me extremely busy, however I have had time to slowly get some projects done! The one in which I'm posting today, not to be bias but is one of my absolute favorite pages done to date! I was asked by my sister-in-law to create two pages for her and her partner to go in a shadow box. The only requirements was that the color scheme had to be black, white and grey. This page personally, I think turned out spectacular. 

I wanted to keep the page sleek, stylish and sophisticated as Bec and her partner Matt are both adults, and this page was going to be displayed, so it needed to blend in with their room, yet stand out, and I needed to follow the color scheme as Bec has asked for. Therefore, this is my end result:

 End product in the shadow box:

 Products Used:
Kaisercraft:   In love paper (PS351)
Something Blue 12x12 Sticker sheet (SS244)
Pearl Strips Champagne (PL506)
Black Paper Blooms (F666)
Mini Black Paper Blooms (F661)
Something Blue Collectables (CT795)
Sparklets Ebony (RS409)
Vivaldi: Blossoms China Knot Bunch Black (FL15BK)
Blossoms 6H Ribbon & Lace Bunch White (FL35IV)
Blossoms 20H Ribbon Rose Bunch Black (FL14BK)
Blossoms 6H China Knot Bunch White (FL15WH)
Diyi Invitations: Mini Wood Pegs (DIY171026)
 Bella! Organaza Brad Flowers White (WBW64)
Organaza Brad Flowers Grey (WBS95) 
Other flowers not listed were purchased at a local scrapbooking store and came in individual plain packaging. 

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