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Thursday, 5 June 2014

BTP Flourish Desk Calendar

Hi Guys! 
So, my recent project wasn't actually a 12x12 layout, instead I was interested in doing my wooden MDF Flourish Desk Calendar that I have had lying around that I had purchased from Kaisercraft a while ago. So basically, here it the finished product. 

Products Used: Kaisercraft Flourish Desk Calender (SB2020), Kaisercolour- Candy (KC037), Kaisercraft PVA Craft Glue (T322), Kaisercraft paper- Happy Snaps; Instant (P1484), Telegraph Road; Letter (P1435), Kaisercraft Rhonestone Flourish Decorative Black (RS477), Kaisercraft Rhinestone strips- Silver (RS451), Kaisercraft Paper Blooms- Coconut (F627), Amethyst (F643), Kaisercraft Flourish Packs- Birds (FL304), American Crafts- Thickers Black Glitter Stickers (TGTC-42885)

Monday, 2 June 2014

U make me SMILE

I was inspired to do this page for a number of reasons, to test out watercolor and to also make a page to express how I felt when this photo was taken; Happy, feel like I'm on a rainbow and ecstatic. I had so many little scrap pieces lying around so the main goal of this page was to try and incorporate as many of my scraps possible. 

Products Used: Kaisercraft paper- Coconut Weave Cardstock (D101), Kaisercraft Hopscotch collectibles (CT753), Watercolor paint, colored buttons (Found at local $2 store), American Crafts WOW! Glitter- Fancy Dust, Pumpkin, Cherry, Pesto, Orchid, Violet, Sunflower and Apricot

My Boy

I created this page out of memory of my beautiful dog-Cricket  who sadly passed away only around 1.5 months ago. I would always call Cricket 'My Boy' as he was like my furry little four legged brother. The love I have for this dog is tremendous and every day I truly miss him. On this page you can see  scribbled rectangles, unfortunately I am using just a standard photocopier which doesn't pick up a whole lot of detail. But these rectangles aren't just randomly there for no reason, The paper i used from Kaisercraft is covered in small white quotes. The rectangles were my way of 'highlighting' that particular quote as it said things such as: 'The story of life is quicker than a wink of an eye', 'meet again', 'hello and good-bye is I love you' and 'be happy for this moment'.

Products Used: Kaisercraft paper: Telegraph Road- Message (P1437), Kaisercraft Telegraph road collectibles, Kaisercraft template- Chevron (T601), Kaisercraft Happy Snaps- Sticker Sheet (SS228), Kaisercraft Chipboard Alpha 2 (CB108), American Crafts Zing! Embossing Powder- Blue Glitter (ZGE-27149), Black fine-liner, Dylusions Ink Spray- Black Marble (DYC33837), Campso Teal (DYC36739), Crushed Grape (DYC33851), Bubblegum Pink (DYC33844).

Happiness Layout

This layout was inspired by this photography shot I took of my youngest s sister in 2010, She was dressed as a fairy, in the background of the photo you can somewhat see her pink fairy wings, this therefore inspired me to use a color pallet of pink, white and silver. The butterflies were inspired as they reminded me a little of a fairy due to their wings and because their pretty. The flowers were used as 1, their pink and 2, the photograph was taken in a garden, and flowers are also something i associate with fairies. 

Products Used: Cre8tive pink flowers, cre8tive paper pad, Kaisercraft Rubon word: Happiness (RB106), Kaisercraft template: Damask (T602), Kaisercolour: White (KC001), Kaisercraft Bling Alphas: Rhinestone 'B' Silver (RS802)


Welcome everyone to my first scrapbooking blog site!

I am extremely excited yet nervous to be sharing my work with the rest of the world, however I think this is a perfect opportunity to get my work out there and show everyone else exactly what I love doing. I scrap from the heart and the soul, and I hope that it shows within my pages. I put myself 110% into my work as I feel this is the best way to express my creativity and who I really am. 

First things first, my name is Rachael Maree Maddock and I'm 19 years young (soon to be 20). Walking into scrapbooking and craft stores, I feel that sometimes i'm looked at strangely because I feel as if they think that I don't know what i'm doing, or its simply, WHAT THE HELL IS A 19 YEAR OLD GIRL DOING IN A SCRAPBOOKING STORE!? how many photos would i actually have that don't include the ones that you get at a nightclub? Well well well....Do I have news for you! I'm crazy about photography, and love to capture the moment in any setting. I love expressing my arty crafty side, and where ever I have a chance to do this, I do it! Because I cherish my captured moments through a lens, I then like to translate them into a beautiful work of art and unfortunately an ordinary photo album doesn't depict this, so what better way to show them off and make them even more interesting than by showcasing them in a scrapbook album!

So fellow scrapbook bloggers, I hope I have explained a little about myself, but I wish to show you my entire soul in my pages. I'm still currently in a working progress with this blog of mine, however I promise to have my first page up before you know it, so please do check back as I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 

With thanks,